Boston MA 3-month-old Indy family portraitRemember that sickeningly adorable blue-haired couple JT and Chandra? I photographed their inside/outside portrait session last April.  Well, I had the pleasure of doing their family portrait again this year. This time we featured their new addition: Indy! Indy, short for Independence, was born on in February. She’s one of the most chill little ones I’ve ever seen. This lifestyle session was a pretty typical day-in-the-life-of for this family. It was complete with naps, snacks, and tummy-time. Plus that baby faux hawk? This kid is to die for! Catch all of this Boston MA 3-month-old Indy family portrait below!

And finally… what kind of person would I be if I didn’t give you bloopers to go along with this Boston MA 3-month-old Indy family portrait?! You’re welcome!

Boston MA 3-month-old Indy family portrait Blooper

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